Online Lead Quality

Online inquiry/lead generation holds the most promise of all current online advertising methods to directly connect interested consumers with companies or institutions providing a valued service.

However, rogue affiliate marketers have created and sold millions of bad leads that have crippled conversion rates. The bad guys figured out how to sell leads that pass existing lead verification checks and score highly on lead scoring models, but they, of course, still don’t convert.

The challenge for online marketers is to identify which new online inquiries are truly new. iDatafy® is here to help with LeadReview®– the master bad lead database for online marketers. The leading online inquiry buyers report their bad leads to iDatafy® and check their new inquiries against the master database to shield against known bad leads.

In short, iDatafy® identifies and shields clients from the bad leads that elude the detection of other lead quality services. LeadReview® can also help prioritize the truly new inquiries that have no bad lead history. These “pristine” new inquiries often have much better conversion rates for our clients.

Can you spot which inquiries below are truly new?

  1. Lead email: and Lead phone: 212-228-0090
  2. Lead email: and Lead phone: 609-466-0605
  3. Lead email: and Lead phone: 703-850-4727

iDatafy can also provide lead buyers with valuable strategic insight in to the lead quality being provided to them by lead vendor partners and by potential vendor partners. Our optional Lead Vendor Scorecard can supplylead buyers with the following key proprietary insights:

Which existing lead vendors are providing me with the most new “pristine” leads?

Which existing lead vendors are providing me with the fewest amount of “toxic” leads?

Who are some lead vendors in the industry (that we are not using) that provide great lead quality to other schools?

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